We’re pulling together a video of people from around the world expressing their support for the people of Egypt and their revolution. We’ll gather photos too, and create a space for people to post those as well as their own videos.

We need your help! Download our Egypt video guidelines and post your footage. You can also download our The World Supports You Egypt sign in English and Arabic.

Our hope is this effort will help people inside Egypt know the world supports them – and inspire all of us outside of Egypt as well. We need your help to make this happen, and fast, so we can get it out there now at this critical time. If you’d like to participate, please take the steps listed on the ‘Egypt Video Guide’ attachment. We’ll need to receive your video by Tuesday February 8 to use it in our edited piece. After that date, please continue to post videos and photos as instructed.

Video, of course, is a powerful medium. Here’s a deeply moving one we found:


6 Responses to Video

  1. Laura Parker says:

    I’ve seen more images and video of the military being neutral or helpful. Maybe some are detaining protesters, but please don’t turn the public against the military if they are more helpful than not. Perhaps those in power want the public to turn on the military so that suppression, in response, would become easier.

    • ronikrouzman says:

      Thanks for your comment Laura. From what I can see, I agree with your assessment, though we also saw the military allow pro-Mubarak thugs and secret police attack protestors. Overall, it seems much of the army supports the people and I agree strengthening those ties rather than harming them makes sense.

  2. victor says:

    We must not only support the Egyptian Revolt-We must all become Egyptians!! Have the courage to confront corrupt state power that impacts are own individual lives-Victor

  3. Maksoun says:

    It is sad to see pro Israel media in UK like Daily mirror show video of violence against pro democracy protesters and describe it as violence against as Mubarak thugs and claiming a lynching of Mubarak supporter on Al Jazeera video, that never happened.
    Conservatives, Liberals, Jews, Christians and Muslims should unite for everyones human rights, liberty and justice.

    Freedom from dictators now.

  4. Mujib Ahmed says:

    I wish I had the technical skills to synchronize the video here with a famous urdu ghazal for Faiz Ahmed Fiaz the Great progressive poet of Pakistan. There is a version of one ghazal with thundorous response from the audience.

    Faiz was the real visionary!

    He said it very poetically “We shall see the day when crowns will be tossed and thrones would be smashed……….

    Hum Daikh’en Gay


    Hum Ehlay Suffa, Murdood-ey Hurrum

    Mus-nudd Pay Bitahaey Jaingay

    Subb Taj Uchahlay Jaingay

    Sub Tukht Giraey Jaingay

    Lazim Hai kay hum bhee daikehn gay

    Mujib Ahmed

  5. anneliese says:

    Watching the events in Egypt only drive home to me the ability of a government to manipulate and make expendable the people they represent. Whether it is democratic or a dictatorship. For atleast 30 years the people chose what they thought was the less of two evils (Mubarek or the muslim brotherhood) They may not know exactly what they do want, but it is obvious that they don’t want what they have. These are truly brave souls and I believe the rest of the world has much to learn from them. I know I am.

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