For the first 9 days of the Egyptian revolution, I could hardly think of anything else. I sat glued to my computer watching Al Jazeera, posting on Facebook, and searching the internet for pics and video. I felt deeply moved, and yet helpless to do anything from California, where I live.

So I launched this website to support the people of Egypt. To give us all information and hope. To spread action. And to show that people everywhere – including Israeli-American Jews like me – care.

What is happening in Egypt is beautiful, historic, and yet fragile. My hope is that we all do everything we can to support the people there. And that this movement for freedom, dignity, justice and democracy spread throughout North Africa, the Middle East, and all nations which are crying out for change.

May the changes happening now grow and spread, and mark a new dawn, as great – if not greater – as the fall of Communism.


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  1. Ali Mallah says:

    All power to Egyptian with their intifada and revolution. It is well known that people of ” Almharousa wa Ard Al Kenanah” are very passionate and patient,But very determined with iron will.
    We stand in solidarity with you to achieve your legitimate rights for democratic reform, political participation and representation, freedom of expression ,civil liberties and to live with dignity and prosperity. You’ve started this great journey toward a better and brighter Tomorrow without the tyrant dictator whether he likes it or not. He will leave and you will be free from all forms of oppression and exploitation.
    In Solidarity for Justice and Peace.

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