“The World Supports You Egypt!”

What a week it’s been. I’ve been enthralled by the events in Egypt – deeply moved by the courage and beauty of the protestors, and the possibility that some very real change may come to Egypt and spread throughout North Africa and the Middle East.

At first I sat glued to my computer, watching Al Jazeera and feeling helpless. Then I came up with the idea of creating a video. I called a dear friend at CodePink, the women’s peace group, and offered to help there. And I started this website.

I’m so wanting them to win, to really win. I see their courage, their resolve, their strength, their numbers, and part of me thinks, “These people will win.” And another part is worried for what may come.

Today thousands of us marched in San Francisco, in solidarity with the Egyptian people and tens of thousands around the world. It was a beautiful day, and as a Jewish Israeli-American it felt good to be with people from the Middle East.

Yet as is so often the case at rallies like these, some speakers were far too angry or trite for my taste. And at least one railed at Israel in a way that made me, a great supporter of Palestinian rights and a two state solution, feel uncomfortable and disheartened.

Yet I believe he was in the minority. And the Egyptians are teaching us all a lesson regardless: no matter what comes our way, keep at it. Don’t over-react, but also don’t roll over or pull back. Keep at it from a place of deep purpose and resolve.

So may this democratic revolution succeed in Egypt and spread to the entire Arab world and beyond. And may we as Americans and citizens of all countries do everything we can to help.

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One Response to “The World Supports You Egypt!”

  1. Looks good, Roni. Nice job putting this together! Thanks for your efforts to keep us all informed…I look forward to seeing the Q&A section we discussed. We can talk illustration too… 🙂


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