I Support Egypt

MUBARAK RESIGNS!!! Egypt explodes in jubilant euphoria!

The Egyptian army has met with opposition leaders and will be proposing reforms soon.

Protests are spreading throughout the Arab world. Go baby go.

Want to show your support for the Egyptian people? Make a sign, get a few friends together, shoot a video of support, upload it to Youtube and post a link in our comments section. We’ll edit together a compilation of global solidarity with the people of Egypt.

If you like, download our Egypt video guidelines and learn more on our video page. Thanks!


10 Responses to I Support Egypt

  1. Terry Stavnyck says:

    Today we are all Egyptians!

  2. Guerry says:

    American in support of the protesters in Egypt…..

  3. Penny Tarrant says:

    Mubarak must go–same as Sadam Housein and we know what happened to him, a little too late. They should not have killed Sadam but, like, Mubarak, try him for war crimes like we are attempting to enforce on the Bush government. Obama, take a stand for democracy, if that is what you promised!
    Here is me envisioning a democratic, Egypt, a democratic world! Power to the people.
    Mubarak out now!!!

  4. John Varga says:

    You are BEAUTIFUL!!! We are all EGYPTIANS ; )

  5. Laura says:

    You are amazing people. You are peaceful and proud. You are so right, you can and will do this yourselves. You don’t need our help but we want you to know that we support you. I am following many Egyptians on Twitter and watching al- gezera. Stay strong!!

  6. TurboKitty says:


  7. Susan Willis says:

    This uprising of the Egyptian people is truly inspiring. I pray for the success of your revolutionary movement. May God, Allah, bless you, guide you, and protect you! My heart is with you!

  8. Beautifully written.

    Keep well and be happy.

  9. Robin Cohn says:

    Beautifully written, indeed. I support the desires of the overwhelming majority of the Egyptian people to retain their traditional practice of “FGM” and their desire to cancel the peace treaty with Israel – NOT!

  10. Joan Helen says:

    San Francisco, CA: Good luck and bless all of you who want a better life!! You’ll have it with hard work and loyalty. Tough times will be ahead, but success will prevail in end.
    Sending all my love and support.!

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